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Make Your Knowledge Sell tells you how to self-publish online
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The Self-Publishing Manual!

The Self-Publishing Manual:
The bible on self-publishing. Highly recommended by virtually everyone in the industry -- even other authors of books on the subject (many of whom probably followed the advice in Poynter's previous 11 editions).

how to self-publish -- the self-publishing manual!
The Self-Publishing Manual:
How to Write, Print &
Sell Your Own Book
(Self Publishing Manual, 12th Ed)
by Dan Poynter
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How to Copyright your Writing

how to self-publish -- the self-publishing manual!
The Copyright Handbook
How to Protect & Use Written Works (5th Ed)
by Stephen Fishman
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The Copyright Handbook:
Copyright law is a complex field, and it's crucial for writers to understand what's entailed. Stephen Fishman covers what a copyright is, how it's created and protected, limitations and transfer of ownership, how long it lasts, and what copyright infringement is all about.

There are chapters on copyright registration, copyright notice, and how to deal with errors or omissions. Fishman also wades into the issues of derivative works and compilations, works for hire, and jointly authored works. He also tackles the confusion of copyrights in the online world of electronic publishing; the book is worth its price for this chapter alone.

Two Excellent Web Sites Regarding Copyright Laws and How to Copyright:

  • The Copyright Website
    This site endeavors to provide real world, practical and relevant copyright information of interest to infonauts, netsurfers

  • 10 Big Myths about copyright explained
    An attempt to answer common myths about copyright seen on the net and cover issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication.

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