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Hooked on Phonics
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My 15 year old daughter would NOT
be getting A's in Advanced Reading
Without It!

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I used the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read program to help teach my daughter to read proficiently!

When Lauren was 4 almost 5, I stopped working at my Financial Analysis Job; and withdrew her from day-care. The day-care workers decided She was Not ready for kindergarten, based on the simple reading / writing projects they gave her during the day.

I KNEW she was ready for kindergarten and decided to Home School her.

UPDATE NOTE: My daugher is now 19, she received a State Scholarship and is Now a student at a Superior State University. She received HIGH scores on her SAT's too. We attribute ALOT of her success to the Solid foundation in reading, which she received Very early with Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Program.

Hooked on Phonics & Home School, Learn to Read Program

When we started our Home School kindergarten Class, Hooked on Phonics Reading Lessons were used as the Learn to Read program. Within 2 weeks, Lauren learned to read, and read well for her age. Her reading comprehension skills soared as well.

This is the Same Child who was Labelled "Not Ready".Yet, the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read program was so well designed, Lauren was able to overcome any Learning Barriors and succeed in learning to read!

I am proud to say I taught my child to read. And I am proud to say I used
Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read program!

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Hooked on Phonics lays Solid Foundation, An Excellent Learn to Read Program

I continued to Home School Lauren through 8th Grade. Using the Hooked on Phonics, Learn to Read program really paid off when she went to "Real School!"

In her 9th Grade English Honors Class, Lauren received an A! And, subsequently was recommended for the 10th Grade Advanced Reading Class. This Class is By Invitation Only.

In her 10th Grade Advanced Reading Class, she Also received A's! This is an Extremely Difficult class. I know she did so well because she received a
Solid Foundation in Reading Ability through the Hooked on Phonics,
Learn to Read program.

This Phonics Learn to Read program has Really paid Off!   Lauren received "A's" in Advanced Reading and English Honors II! This qualifies her to take College Level English -- AP English!

Lauren Loves to Read, she has excellent comprehension which adds to her enjoyment of reading. We attribute this to the early start with the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read program.

You TOO can give your child a SOLID Foundation in Reading with Hooked on Phonics!

Use Hooked on Phonics, Learn to Read Program.


It will Enhance your Child's Reading Ability!

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