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I LOVE to SHOP -- especially online! I've have found tremendous bargains online and it saves so much time. You can too.

This Site was created in 1999! And, has been created to give you, our Visitors, a Shopping Center / Internet Mall filled with the very best products and services the Internet has to offer.

We give you full Information regarding the online shopping stores and merchants found here, so you may make an informed choice to find, review and ultimately puchase products or services.

I have personally shopped at many of the merchants here (not all of them though), and have found each of the merchants I have used to be Excellent in their products, service, shipping and privacy -- that's why they're Here!


All-at-One.Com, Is an affiliate/partner of the variety of online merchants, stores, services listed on all-at-one.com. We do Not specifically endorse any particular product or website. ALL TRANSACTIONS, Orders, Shipments, Questions, take place on EACH online merchant's website and Must be directed to same.

NEW INFO: It has come to our attention that many shoppers have downloaded various supposedly "savings" software and some are even PAYING for the use of said software. What happens is while you are shopping, a POPUP window appears with a "Special Offer or Coupon". Unfortunately, many, many times the Offer is No Good! So when someone Clicks on the Offer, they are taken to a DEAD Link or Nonexistant Page.

The Shopper loses in that Now he/she must backup to page (sometimes this isn't allowed, they disable the "back" key), they may be paying for access to these savings where None exist, and More time is taken in
finding the item they wish to buy.

At all-at-one.com, You Do Not need to click on a Popup Window offering to receive the savings listed here.

Our Goal is to make this a Fun Place to Visit!
Your Delight is our No. 1 Concern!

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